Relative date formatting in sets

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The ability to filter a date by relative form: yesterday, tomorrow, week, month, etc…

For my usage, I would have a set view for all tasks, tasks due tomorrow, tasks due within a week, etc.

Additional context

Current calendar select layout:

There is “Today” and “Tomorrow” at the bottom, but that simply sets it to the exact date for these 2 selections, not a fluid date that is relative to today.


@Coco Or maybe a way to filter sets using formulas which should make it much more powerful? :grinning:

P.S: Formulas are yet to be implemented


@lynxlove Agree. Formulas will be the way to do things like that.

Even better if they can be made in such a way that they can be reused in multiple places. So once you create the “Relative date” formula, you could just reuse this as needed.

Changing the original formula should update all other occurrences, making it easy to keep consistency across the knowledge base.

Maybe formulas can be a block/object type, which users can later share with each other (so casual users who don’t want to deal with the formulas can just use the ones they find online).


@qualquertipo Awesome, that sounds like a great solution once the feature comes out. Thanks!

Formulas can include “relative dates” but they’re not an inherent feature of them. So I think this is a nice, complementary feature request (formulas have been requested already). I’m not entirely sure how different it is from:

Depending on how that gets interpreted, it could mean just date shortcuts (relative dates) in blocks/text, or it could be more broad and be usable anywhere in Anytype, including formulae, filters, etc. The latter would be my preference.


When filtering in a Set, I need a date that moves with the calendar, for example, for a Set of To-Do I need to filter by date “Is on or before= Floating Today” so that “Today” is automatically changed everyday.

I’ve thought about “Floating weeks” and months too, though not sure it would be that necessary.

I think someone has to have tried this, maybe there is already a request, but I couldn’t find it.

Or maybe this exists and I’m mentally blind haha.


I would love this feature. This is a duplicate of my post [here ](Relative date formatting in sets) but you can check out the feedback in the comments too!

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Vouching for this as well. Here is how I do it today. But every week, I need to redo the set filtering rule.

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