Relations and Objects in a Set


When it comes to creating a set of objects, I can “assign” each object a relation like “Status” which holds several different options like “In-Progress”, “Done” etc.

Is it possible for the relation “Status” to be linked to the set itself in terms of the options available?

What I mean here is that the relation “Status” and its options that I created in set “A” are only available in the set “A”, whereas in set “B” the relation “Status” has its own options linked to set “B”. As it is now all options created in each relation are global.

Sorry if this sounded confusing, but would this be possible?

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What you want is this as far as i can understand:

Bounding relations to types, and since a set is just a group of objects of the same type, the above feature should solve your issue as well :grinning: With this getting implemented, you can create a relation “Status” bound to Type A and another with the same name bound to Type B which would have it’s own value

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