Relation Limit to Object AND Tag

Asking here before I make it a feature request

When adding an Object as a Relation to a new Type you can limit the Object to a specific Type, but can you limit to additional elements (a tag specifically)


I have Organisations with tags (Insurer, Passport Issuer, Shop)

I have Documents that have an Issued by relation to Organisations.

I have a Template for Insurance Policy, Passport Office.

The Template should show Organisations where the Tag is relevant to the Template

So Passport document type should limit Issued by to Object Type Organisation where Tag=“Passport Issuer”

Is this possible?

Currently you can only filter out certain types in the object relation type. This seems like a good idea, so please write a FR.

The workaround right now would be to instead convert those tags into types themselves, or to just convert those that you would need it use (Passport Issuer, for instance). Then you would be able to filter them.

Yeah I had started down that route for a minute but realised I was going to end up with a proliferation of Types that were only marginally different from each other, which seemed inelegant.

Created FR

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Exactly, definitely not ideal. I’d recommend using this method sparsely.