Relation for Geolocation info, with auto-populate from device GPS data

Ideally, I’d like to be able to create a set that is filtered by a radius around a location. Like all the notes I took while at work, or at home, etc. Also, imported photos could have their exif data extracted to populate this relation.

New to all this today so pardon me if I use the wrong terms. But I think this would be a new type that contained lat and long. Obviously, I could do this already, I think, but I’d want them to default to where I am at the moment. I think the messy part would be the filtering. I know there are databases that do this so it’s obviously a solved problem I would hope you could just pull in a library to take care of it.

I suppose I could attach a relation to each object and choose the locations manually… But that isn’t going to be as accurate or easy as geolocation data.

Hopefully this makes sense. I think the benefit is self-explanatory.


@carl This is a great feature request but I feel it is more suitable as a plugin than a native solution?

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Hi, @carl ! I posted a feature request to have a built-in point coordinate relation. It might be a step to achieve what you have proposed:
Relation for point coordinates