Reduce cluttering of the graph view by hiding DONE tasks

What I want to get done:

My ‘Task’ and associated 'Subtask’s are cluttering the graph view unnecessarily, despite having completed the tasks or subtasks. I want the DONE tasks to be achived (hidden but not deleted) from the graph view.


I am working on multiple independent projects, hence the best way to organise and stay on top of all projects is to have a nested task setup (A main task containing the Project Name with child tasks on what exactly to do within the project)


I have used the inbuild ‘Task’ Object for my Project Names and created a custom action object ‘Subtask’ to handle individual tasks within a given project. To link ‘Task’ to ‘Subtask’ I have used the inbuild Task relation (which is a Object Relation)


Unfortunately, the graph filter is very simple and this can’t be done at the moment. You can create a separate FR for the done filter if you want it to be implemented.

Something like Filterable graph view in sets would also allow you to filter whatever you want.

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