Recover only specific parts from old account

Hello, I have deleted my old account, but have a full backup of all my data. No I registered a new account and would like to import or copy over only certain elements from the old data, is this possible at all or can I at least import / copy all my old stuff into the new account ?
Thanks a lot you great people.

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Hi there,

if you exported your account as a protobuf - Anyblock, you can import it via:

File > Import

It’s possible to export objects individually as well, but you’d need access to your previous account to do this.

Hello and thank you Angelo,
what I have is the whole folder structure. What can I do to import ist as whole or partially ?

Ok, so that’s just the directory, not an export. Everything in Anytype is encrypted, so you cannot simply import the directory.

If you deleted your account less than 30 days ago, you can still log into it and make an actual protobuf export.

ok… and overwrite the current directory won’t work ?

Nope, because your new account won’t be able to decrypt the content which was built on different Recovery Phrase.

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ok - thank you for your help. I will make it better this time and hopefully not leave again :sweat_smile:

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