Record date/time when a Task checkbox was checked (and possibly unchecked)

Would be useful to have an in-built relation that stores when the checkbox was last checked (and possibly one that shows when it was last unchecked).

Pipe dream: allow enabling full history, recording every event (in case of multiple checks/unchecks).

Pipe dream plus: have every Object (and Relation) contain meta-Relations that record such events. Most users wouldn’t need to see/use this (this could be disabled by default). But could be very useful for certain situations.


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Hey @qualquertipo, is the linked topic a duplicate?

Or are you referring to a checkbox as a block instead of an object?

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Yes! I forgot to search for “completion”.

Can you merge? My post has some additional ideas (and keywords) that I think would add to that original FR.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Completion date for objects with the done relation