Recent list/tab doesn't scroll automatically to reveal new items


Recent list/tab doesn’t scroll automatically to reveal new items.


  1. Look at recent tab
  2. Create a few objects
  3. Note it is necessary to scroll down Recent list to see new entries on top


  • OS:
    Android 12
  • Device:
    Pixel 6
  • Anytype Version:

Edit: the video here shows this behaviour

I can confirm this on Windows + Android.

  • If a new item is created on either Android or Desktop, the Recent view on Android does not automatically scroll up
  • It seems Recent on Desktop is NOT updated when adding new items on Android…
  • Removing pages does cause the Recent view to scroll/reorganize on Android

Might also be a good idea to have some sort of indication that the object was added. For example: the first time the user goes to the tab where the new object should be, a quick scroll animation could happen to reveal new items, then the items themselves could flash.

Something similar to what @sambouwer suggests here, for this other FR:

It took me awhile to notice I had to scroll to see the new items. Kept thinking there was some bug…

Hey @qualquertipo! Thank you for report :pinched_fingers:t5: I will tag this topic as Acknowledged but we will fix this issue when will introduce some new Dashboard updates. Stay tuned :full_moon_with_face:

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