Realtime refresh in set

On windows, most up-to-date version: 0.21.5
Android: 0.14.2

I have a set.
Type in set has a favorite bool relation.
Sort is favorite ascending, then a number.

Steps to reproduce

  1. make every bool false
  2. open set
  3. take one object, that is not at the top, and mark it as favorite
    view refreshes in realtime, object appears on top
    what happens:

to solve:
I have to switch to another view in set and then back, now it is as I wanted it to be. It doesnt auto-refresh on change the sort in a set.


Maybe a little delay like 800ms would be good to undo the toggle if it wasn’t wanted :slight_smile:

I think this is a great request! Maybe it is useful to add some kind of visual feedback that the input is registered, like an animation or color change.

@sambouwer @wemiprog Hi! Is this issue still relevant?

Yes, this is still relevant!

I think making a change to an item in a Set should have some visual feedback that the input was registered. For example, an animation with flashing the item (grid row or card) once with grey would be great, after which the item is moved/hidden based on its new values. Is that a clear explanation?

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