Really enjoying Anytype a few weeks in

I’ve been playing with Anytype around work since onboarding a few weeks ago, and I’m absolutely loving it so far! There are definitely a few bugs (that I have had consistent issues in replicating or pinning down exactly what’s creating them, which prevents me from reporting them :c) and missing features that I’m looking forward to (most notably deletion of Objects and Relations and whatnot because I’m a messy worker), but the potential is SO visible and I’m excited and grateful to be a part of this!

I’m coming at it from the view of a hyper-creative mind with hands in art, music, writing, and game development, so my use is kind of all over the place, but I really love how everything’s defined as Objects and can be connected easily. Anytype is seriously threatening my connection to both Notion AND spreadsheets in general, so that’s quite exciting!

I’ve got some edge use-cases I’m compiling and considering creating Feature Requests for, but it’s minor stuff like visually organizing the space that is far lower-priority than major updates I’m sure are being worked on, so I’m taking my time in working out how useful a feature might be before really committing to a proposal.

Anyways, I just wanted to thank everybody who’s been involved in this and share my thoughts on it so far. I’m LOVING the program and will likely get around to taking screenshots I’m comfortable sharing at some point, but I still have a LOT of data left to transfer haha :sweat_smile:


I have been using Anytype for the past 4 days and I, too, am loving it. I feel like I may be in a similar mindset where I have a number of small feature requests, but with the rate of current development (and just skimming though the current feature request list in the forum) it seems like I should wait a few more cycles before adding my own.

The potential with Anytype is truly immense.