Readable file names when exporting

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

After exporting I see some .md files with cryptic names, e.g. “”

Describe the solution you’d like

Include the title in the name, e.g. “”.

This makes it easier to find a specific file.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Search within the files’ content when looking for a specific file.

Additional context

This is just a nice-to-have feature of course :wink:


Just export the title or the first line of an object. It would be easier to navigate the exported files

Adding a vote to this and hopefully bumping. The current exporting experience doesn’t quite support taking your data with you if you ever decided to try to move your data into another note taking app. For example, if you have a note named “projects” that linked to two notes named “project 1” and “project 2”, the exported markdown of the “projects” note would look something like this:

[project 1](
[project 2](

If a user imported these markdown notes into a separate app and tried to link to either of the projects from a different note, they would need to run a search across all files to find the note’s name at the top of the file they want then copy the corresponding cryptic file name to link to it. Alternatively, the user could search for other references to the note then copy the file name from that link. Not really a workable experience.

It’s possible for someone to hack together a solution to this by changing the file names to the first lines of the notes, but there’s still the issue of the lost metadata from the notes. The export doesn’t seem to contain the type of the object, the date created, or date modified. Adding this metadata in YAML format as mentioned in this post would go a long way to retaining the richness of the notes as they’re exported.

I think a more robust exporting experience would increase confidence in new users, which is especially important as Anytype moves into wider availability. Knowing you can take your notes with you is a critical feature.

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