Re: new block move feature and staying in "block select" mode

This is not a bug report and not necessarily a feature request. But I want to raise a concern I have about how the new block move mode works on Android and see if others agree that it may be sub-optimal.

As of v 0.1.3 when you long-press a block, you get a pop-up menu with a bunch options. One of those is the new “Scroll & move”. So far, so good.

Select that and you go into block move mode, with a yellow line to indicate where the block will be moved to (defaulting, it seems, to just below the block that followed the selected one).

At the bottom you have Move and Cancel options. Click Move…

The block moves as expected. But now we are dropped into block multi-select mode. And I don’t really understand why, really. If I wanted to multi-select blocks, I would have done that with the option when a block is in edit mode to go into multi-select mode (button on the normal toolbar at the bottom). Since I long-pressed a block, the intention was clearly to operate on one block, which doesn’t necessarily correlate to a desire to then continue editing other blocks afterward.

So I would suggest that following the single block move operation, the user be returned to normal edit mode, i.e. the default.

Or am I missing something?


I agree.

The implementation of ‘Scroll & move’ is great, but it seems a little abnormal that the user is prompted to do another completely different thing (i.e., multi-select) when the task they wanted to do (scroll and move) has already been completed. Due to the lack of relation to ‘Scroll & move’, I’d think it was more of a bug than a feature!!


Good thinking, guys, thanks!

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@Oshyan @arashnrim thank you, guys!

We will enhance Scroll & move with the described behavior in the future release.

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@Oshyan I think this one is resolved. I cannot reproduce this in Anytype for Android 0.6.1. After the move I’m returned to the canvas in “edit mode” and I can continue editing.

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Indeed, I think mobile behavior has been completely changed since this post. :smile: Marking Solved.