Random "Image broken" sync error


Some images files don’t sync across devices


Create a page
Drag images into it (jpg or png)
Wait for sync
Open the page on another mac


All images being synced


MacBook Air M1
MacBook Pro m2
MacOs 13.2.1
Version: 0.31.36-beta


Only some images don’t sync, others are syncing well. I don’t know how to reproduce it, it’s very random.


This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

Had this issue with some images during migration in 0.31.36 beta, Windows 11 as well.

Same things happen to cover images

Same error occurred during legacy to beta, macos.

Hello! Does this error disappear when you reload an object?

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Hi, yes error disappeared after removing error block and adding object again (v. 31.39 now)

I mean closing an object and opening it again, so the app will perform an attempt to load the image again

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@Elias Please attempt as @smalenkov advised :point_up_2:

@Angelo The original note where this happened as been deleted, I haven’t been able to reproduce the bug since latest updates.

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Yeah this 99.9% fixed. Seems to crop up very randomly sometimes.

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Hi Smalenkov. This issue keeps happening for me in about 50% of images. I upload them in Android v22.1 and they look good there. The block immediately syncs with the desktop version 32.2 (both win and Linux), but there the block just says image is broken (image still visible on Android). It seems to be random, as it happens with around 50% of picture blocks.

  • all pictures come from the same source: phone camera
  • deleting and recreating the block and reupload ING the image only fixes it randomly
  • reloading object does not change anything
  • reinstalling apps does not change anything
  • the issue look like non temporary, as it has lingered for the past two, three weeks (from the pre beta versions)

Thanks in advance for your help

I have multiple jpg files (all added to one object) on Android Version 0.25.8 and some of them suddenly appeared as “Error while loading pictures” All those pictures were added via Android.

@Angelo Got the same problem on Android 25.12 about Error while loading pictures.

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Can one of you guys open a new bug report about this (in the regular category) as far as it’s connected to Android please? Thanks!

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@Angelo Sure!

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