Quick Add/Inbox feature

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No. However, It is somewhat frustrating when clicking the “new page” button on the button bar at the bottom of anytype, and it creates a new top-level page.

This isn’t ideal when trying to make a quick note, which is very often the case for me on mobile platforms.

Describe the solution you’d like

Add an Inbox feature to anytype (next to archive?), where I can dump thoughts, pages and quick notes during the day as I work, and organise them into their proper place at a later stage. This is similar to how many task manamgent applications such as Todoist or TickTick work, but is something that is lacking in note taking applications. This is something AnyType could solve really well!

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

A potentially simpler solution would be to change the behaviour of the “new page” button to add a page as a block to the page you are currently viewing. This would let me open anytype, click my “Jotter” top-level page, click “new page” and start writing.

Additional context

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I don’t do heavy writing on my mobile, most things I write down are quick notes, and for this to work, it needs to be super easy to get a clean page to start writing. Very often I won’t worry about organising or formatting the details in the note until a later stage. This is usually when I get back to my desktop.


Hey, @cnfw

We are working on this feature and hope to release it till December


hello has this feature been implemented because I don’t seem to be able to find an option to simply start typing for example, a checklist without it having to go to the high-level menu each time?

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Hello @docoura
For now you can create objects in current object using command /page or whatever type you want. It will make a link to object in place. For all unsorted objects we are working on it. First iteration in form of list of all object will be shipped in the next release.


Wow, very excited to see that :+1:
Quick capture is definitely an important feature of any KM still missing in Anytype. There is some interesting discussion about that here.


Hello @ignatovv

Any news about quick capture / bullet journaling?

The potential of Anytype to take PKM tools to the next level is obvious, but quick capturing is a must-have, especially with the second brain approach.

I’ve been using LogSeq for a while now, and I am convinced that Anytype could easily replace it, but I can’t see how I can work with any PKM without quick capture.


Is there something you’re missing with the current approach?

Hmmm… I don’t really see any tool for quick capture in the current Anytype app (I’m using Anytype on both macOS and Android). The only way to enter something new in your knowledge base is to create a new object (with default type), which requires a click and hides everything else from your knowledge base, without any way to find all your quick captures in one place.

I personally really appreciate the “bullet journaling as entry point” approach you can find in many PKMs, like LogSeq, Roam Research and Reflect for example.

Just open the app and you have a space to write things, with access to previous entries sortes by dates with a quick scroll.

This is really blazing fast to use your PKM for quick dumping and quick fetching of thoughts and ideas on-the-go.

And I’m convinced that when you combine that to the powerful organisation tools Anytype offer, that tool can become the ultimate PKM: quick capture on-the-go, and then efficient and relevant organisation with advanced formatting of the documents.

The default type is the note type. Those are supposed to be used for dotting quick thoughts. You can create a set with the note type and all of them will show up there. It’s just one click to start writing.


@THZ, could you take a look at this topic?

Would that make “quick add” easy enough? You open Anytype, press CTRL+S for search and start typing (either to actually search, or you do something like arrow up and Return or some other key combo to create a new Object from there)

I think there are a couple of different ways to “quick add” to Anytype (or any notetaking app).

1. From outside the app
Apps like Evernote or Todoist support multiple ways to quickly add content/tasks without even opening the app. Via widgets on mobile or a quick add short key on desktops or even going as far as mailto, “share with app” or plugins like a webclipper.

2. From within the app FEATURED in Anytype
Also most apps have a dedicated New Note or simular button in the user interface. Often configurable in the settings where these notes are stored (for example an inbox notebook or dedicated space).

Anytype also has this, even with customable note type where you can make an “Inbox” or “Quick Note” object default for newly creatued objects. Then make a set for this type, add to favorites and you have your Quick add workflow within Anytype.

3. Add content to a specific page
Another way to quickly add content is having a special pages, where you jot down thoughts and notes to be processed later. Most apps have an option to open the app on this page by default and some even have dedicated daily notes feature for this use. Then you open the app on this page, write down whatever you want (bullet journal style or outline style) and process it at a later date.

And I bet there are other ways to quick add (like notions template button that you can add to a page) but I think this covers the top 3 most used.

Number 2, which is currently very possible in Anytype seems like the thing @cnfw is requesting and but requires some setup from the user itself (it’s not a dedicated out of the box system in Anytype).

If it is number 3 or a template button on a page that OP is requesting then I think the feature request is either to add a setting to open Anytype on a by the user defined page by default or to add a new page/template button block to Anytype.



Thank you all for your answers.

@Jeroen That is very interesting, thank you for your detailed input.
Indeed, Number 1, especially a “share with app” would be greatly appreciated (I use it a lot with other notes/PKM apps, mostly to save a URL to a webpage in my quick capturing system). I did not explore this topic yet in the Anytype Community, I don’t know if there is any discussion about that (appart from Web Clipper, which is very specific), I’ll start a dedicated one if needed.
As for Number 2, I set up yesterday a “Quick Capture” custom type and a dedicated page with inline set. I’ll spend some time with that and see how it goes.

@Filip @sambouwer
After some time thinking about this question, I realise there are two topics, connected but different, here:

  • How to quickly write ideas/thoughts in my knowledge base (what I call “quick capturing”)?
  • How to efficiently browse my quick captures?

There are tons of solution for the first question, and Anytype offer a few that are already satisfying.
However, quick capturing becomes way more powerful when you can combine the writing with the browing of past entries.

What I like with the Daily Notes approach of LogSeq/Roam/Reflect is that all my quick captures are in a dedicated page, grouped by day, and it is very easy to write a new entry while having a look at the entries from the last few days (with a simple and blazing fast scroll), which I find extremely useful, and corresponds to the way you would interact with a good old small notebook in your pocket.

I tried to replicate this approached in Anytype, and I found two moderately satisfying solutions:

  • A dedicated page where I have to do the grouping (daily, weekly or whatever) myself. But I know in advance that I will forget to mention the date most of the time (I usually use quick capturing in situations like a crowded subway where I take 10 secs in an uncomfortable position to write something I don’t want to forget ^^), and this page will quick become a giant mess.
  • A set of objects with the custom type “Quick Capture”, but this disconnects completely the writing from the browsing: you can’t see past entries when you are creating a new one.

All these options are fully compatible with the following step of the knowledge base feeding process: taking some time to cleanup your daily notes and put them in order in relevant pages in your knowledge base with appropriate connections, and Anytype already offers elegant and efficient solution for this (and the transclusion will make to next level).

The only (but crucial for me) not very practical aspect of Anytype now, according to me, is that fast, efficient and easy on-the-go writing/browing quick captures, which is my main entry point to a knowledge base.