Quick Add/Inbox feature

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

No. However, It is somewhat frustrating when clicking the “new page” button on the button bar at the bottom of anytype, and it creates a new top-level page.

This isn’t ideal when trying to make a quick note, which is very often the case for me on mobile platforms.

Describe the solution you’d like

Add an Inbox feature to anytype (next to archive?), where I can dump thoughts, pages and quick notes during the day as I work, and organise them into their proper place at a later stage. This is similar to how many task manamgent applications such as Todoist or TickTick work, but is something that is lacking in note taking applications. This is something AnyType could solve really well!

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

A potentially simpler solution would be to change the behaviour of the “new page” button to add a page as a block to the page you are currently viewing. This would let me open anytype, click my “Jotter” top-level page, click “new page” and start writing.

Additional context

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I don’t do heavy writing on my mobile, most things I write down are quick notes, and for this to work, it needs to be super easy to get a clean page to start writing. Very often I won’t worry about organising or formatting the details in the note until a later stage. This is usually when I get back to my desktop.


Hey, @cnfw

We are working on this feature and hope to release it till December