Questioning the new "swipe to home page" nav from pages

I just upgraded to the latest Android build, 0.1.3, and now if I scroll up (swipe down) far enough in a page it closes the page and takes me back to the home screen. I’m pretty sure this is new behavior, and while I now understand it and can avoid it if I don’t want to do this, it does seem far too easy to accidentally trigger. This would be less of a problem if there were an easy way to get back to the page I was just on, but I’m not aware of one.

I think having a quick way to get to the home screen is a good idea, but I don’t think this is the best way to do it. For example there is room currently within the 3 buttons at the bottom for navigation to simply add a dedicated Home button. At the least the sensitivity of the swipe shortcut to home should be tuned so it’s harder to do accidentally.

A method to actually go back to the previous page from the home screen might also be a good idea, though I can open a separate feature request for that if you think it’s necessary.


Definitely agree with this!

I’ve had multiple accidental swipes that dismissed the page and presented the home screen again. While I think the intention of adding this behaviour is good, my opinion is that tweaks should be made to make it better. It’s an early stage, though, so it’s still good!

I think removing it entirely may be a little too much — considering that there must’ve been a reason in the first place as to why this feature was implemented. I think that @Oshyan’s suggestions are plenty and all of them can improve this feature better. I dig that the sensitivity of the swipe should be tuned; even so, I think that needs some feedback for every change to make sure that the right sensitivity can be reached.


@arashnrim Yeah, I’d as soon just have a Home button on the bottom toolbar. There’s room right now, and it seems like a key feature. And swiping up is not necessarily intuitive to go Home. But if it must be kept, definitely tuning the sensitivity, and/or having a way to get back to the page you were on.

It is not a new feature, it exists from the beginning. I agree with you, it is easy to swipe down and lose the page you are using. I suggested to add recent notes list to search panel to find the last page quickly:

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@bzimor Ah, interesting. Somehow I did not run into it before, or it didn’t bother me. :thinking: But IMO it definitely needs improving now. :smiley:

It’s a ‘feature’ that has been bugging me for a long time. I am experiencing issues with keyboard (it’s not showing up), so when I try to just ‘tap’ to activate the keyboard, if that tap somehow consists of a movement from the top to bottom (it could be minimal, it doesn’t matter), it goes back to Anytype home screen.

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I came here to report it as a feature change. Instead of going back to home page on swipe down if we can to previous page in the hierarchy that will be great. For example, if you are on Page C in A -> B -> C hierarchy, swiping down on C should take you back to B.

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@tenveer Wouldn’t swiping left/right make more sense for back/forward navigation?

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Marking it as solved as swiping down from any page no longer takes the user back to the homescreen

and a dedicated Home button has been added as well :grinning:

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