Question: Who actually holds they encryption keys?


I just want to be 100% sure I understand this, because I have seen conflicting information.

In this first screenshot it says that the team holds the keys:

In this second screenshot it says that only the user holds the keys:

Thank you!


I believe that that video presentation was in the context of an external team (perhaps one within a company or organization) who uses Anytype to collaborate with each other, not in the context of the actual Anytype development team. We can probably deduce that this means the Anytype development team does not have the encryption keys, but the members of the team who is using Anytype for collaboration does.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the information in that video is likely out of date, and the version of Anytype used is before the rewrite - so, the information in the website is probably more accurate.


Okay great, that makes sense. Thank you!!

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Exactly! That image is out of context. Anytype has no access to keys, user registry and data