Question: How feasible/attractive is Anytype's core architecture for corporate and business customers + Target monetizable audience of Anytype

If we take a look at a few of the “Document 2.0” apps out there that compares favorably with Anytype (in terms of features, audience, etc), we tend to notice a similar pattern: most of them are heavily targeted towards teams, not individuals.

About the only exception is Obsidian. They do offer a enterprise/commercial pricing tier, but it’s nowhere to be mentioned on the landing page (which is more individual-oriented than team-oriented). All the other examples I’ve taken a look at, such as Notion (although personal/education usage can be found buried deep in the footer), Coda, Airtable, Microsoft Loop, e.g, are almost solely focused towards teams, and not individual users, although many of them do offer premium offerings for them.

This makes sense; after all, it’s been known for some time by SaaS companies that selling subscription-based products towards large corporations is where the money really is - not much comes from individual users. Similarly, I believe for Anytype to truly thrive financially and achieve its privacy-centric mission (and not just succeed), it needs to gain traction with large corporations.

Here’s what I’d like to ask: could anyone with experience in both Anytype’s core architecture (Objects, Types, Sets, IPFS, etc) and working in corporate environments/procurement pitch in with some insights into how a product like Anytype [especially considering the decentralized/privacy/reliability (or unreliability) aspects] might appeal/not appeal for corporations?

I’d also like to ask the Anytype team about which group of users they anticipate to monetize/target the most, such as large businesses, small business, individual users, education, pro users, etc, and how they plan on competing with the other “Document 2.0” products already out on the marketplace for those users.

I also want to mention this post by @ Jason_Eleazar - Paid Version of AnyType for Enterprise Companies - that post is what inspired me to write this, and has given me some thoughts/concern about Anytype’s monetization.