Question about graph and relation

Hi there! I have a question about the difference between Relation and Graph. They both show how objects are connected, right? But I noticed something strange when I tried to create an Objective with some Key Results.

I wrote some Key Results on an Objective page and turned them into object type. Then I looked at the Graph and saw that the Objective and the Key Results were linked. But when I opened a Key Result object and clicked on the relation icon, I didn’t see any connection to the Objective.

Shouldn’t the Relation, Graph, and even the Flow, show the same information about how objects are related? Or is there anything I missed?

Hi Sinacs. Maybe you mentioned or embedded the link of the Key Results in your Objective page? That would create a link in Graph without the relation showing up in your Key Results.

At present, you have to add the relations yourself for Key Results to show the same information as Objective.

Check out the direction of the arrows in your Graph. That would indicate where the relation came from. If you add Objective as a relation in Key Results, that would double the arrow heads, indicating the relation goes both ways.

I guess that makes the Graph the ‘total view’ of all the connections in your Space.

Hi Kersite, thank you for the reply! Adding the Relations between objects seems shouldn’t be a manual step when the Graph can generate the link automatically. Is there any plan to implement similar kinds of auto-relations features in the near future?

I don’t know about their ETA, but it is acknowledged here and Automatic Bi-directional linking + Rollups / Transclusion is a popular Feature Request.

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If you turn a block into an object, AT leaves a link behind in the original object.

Thanks for the information! Glad to see it’s one of the top priority issues.

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I didn’t realize the Graph Links and Relations are two different things until I found this:

Screenshot 2023-08-12 171304


There is no such thing as graph links technically. They’re just referred to as links, or plain links, since they are not affiliated with any relations. This feature is similar to how linking is usually implemented in these kinds of apps.

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