Query sets by content / text

When creating a Set I can filter by Relation, but not by content.

I want to be able to filter by content that appears anywhere within an Object.

For example, I want to have a Set of all objects containing the word “apple” (either as a Relation value, or simply as text within a paragraph).


And adding to this i like to have the possability to filter by content that i type into a search bar of the set.
Use Case: Content Checking, if the entry is already there, to not have Duplicates. I like to see an inline Set (empty) with the content then that I typed into a box (search field of the set)

Do you mean you want to be able to filter down a Set to only entries that match a search? That’s indeed a great idea. Ideally it should filter down in real time. Even better if we can pick what column/relation to filter.

Although there is some similarity to what I posted, I think it deserves it’s own feature request. Could you make it so people can vote on it?

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