Putting a type in one of its templates breaks AnyType

Describe the bug
The desktop app is continuously loading and the only things that work are the settings menu and the “?” button at the bottom right. I was creating a new template for a new type, and I added the new type I was creating to the new template. When I did this, all pages stopped working and are now stuck on the loading screen.

To Reproduce

  1. Go to the home page (the default menu where it shows the favorites)
  2. Click on the menu toward the top right that displays all types.
  3. Create a new type and name it something other than the default name (I had named it “Subject”).
  4. Create a template for the new type.
  5. In the template, add the new type. (For me, I did /Subject and added the type “Subject”)
  6. Attempt to click out and nothing will load.

Expected behavior
No actions will work, cannot open anything or add any new objects. There will be two loading icons that continuously rotate (One on the left menu if it is open and one in the middle menu).

System Information:

  • OS: Windows 11
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Lenovo-L340
  • Anytype Version:0.26.1

Additional context
Some information may be unclear (such as where the button to view types is, I am pretty sure it was at the top right, but I am certain it was on the main page). The wording may be a bit confusing, as AnyType is not working due to the bug, and it occurred within 5 minutes of me downloading AnyType, so I am unfamiliar with the exact terms for certain actions and pages.

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@ColinM I can reproduce this issue. Adding the Object Type to the Template of that Object Type probably causes some kind of cyclic reference. Thanks for submitting this!

Edit: restarting Anytype resolves the issue:

Not reproducible anymore on Windows 11 @ v0.38.3 alpha.