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@requilence Following up on my comment on Producthunt regarding availability of a public API. Currently I still use Notion since it allows me to integrate it in my workflows through their API. I mainly connect different scenarios through Zapier, one being that I can forward emails to Zapier so they end up as tasks, including attachments, in Notion. Another is, when I‘m assigned a Task from another team member in Todoist, this also generates a task in Notion through Zapier.
Another way I use the API is with Siri shortcuts, allowing me to quickly add items to Notion by voice.
Would be great to have that in Anytype soon, so I can ditch Notion :slight_smile:


It’s actually on the roadmap for Q3 this year.

And a member of the team said on github to expect it in 1-2 months.


That’s great to hear!

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Also @Michel and @AhmedWael216 it might be good to vote for the Feature Request. I think it is

Kind of related is the plugins system, feel free to vote for that too:

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Did an API become available - I cant see anything about one

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Yes, there is an api interface in the source code of anytype ts. And can be called using the console.At present, the plug-in function can be realized by code injection.

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It’s scheduled for 2024Q1 at the moment.

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