Protobuf specification

Good evening,

I’m looking for a specification to be able to create import data from an external source. The idea is that from a data source, I can make a procedure that creates the structure in protobuf format in order to import it into anytype.

Thanks for your advice.

I think this can help you?

And you can see here, AT Team plan to introduce JSON import soon, if you prefer

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would it be possible for a pseudo programmer to use this?

I’m attempting to import to Anytpe from Craft notes and haven’t found any useful tools / methods.


After looking at the source code, it’s clearly possible, but I think it’s quite time-consuming in terms of testing, because each source has its own specificities and we have to work out how to convert it to the target (anytype).

I looked and asked this question because I use logseq, in my use case there are types I use that don’t exist in anytype (whiteboard, pdf annotations, mermaid diagrams, plantuml).

So I won’t try to migrate. For now, even though I think Anytype has some great features and an architecture that seems more advanced and scalable.