Property for the "Display in Graph" object

Objects like “Task” don’t have to be displayed in Graph. This can be enabled as needed. Thanks to this, the Graph output will become more accurate and less loaded.

Solution options (or):

  • Make a custom property of the object (this will allow, in principle, to hide some objects, which will reduce the overall load of the “Graph”). For example, I would disable the display of one of the objects with joy)))

  • Make a switch in “Graph” that disables the display of objects whose Layout is specified as “Action”. The principle is the same as in the paragraph above, only framed in an additional option in “Graph”.

  • Assemble the “Action” objects into a neat block that will display the objects assembled in one stack in the order of the original object, and not in chaotic connections. In my opinion, this is the most elegant solution

  • Display the “Action” objects in the right panel. They should be displayed when selecting a related object, while it would be nice to make a counter of objects with the output “Action” on the original object, so that it is clear whether the object has them or not. A little less elegant, but quite practical to use.

Ty )