Properties of objects (EDIT: default template)

I created a book object in set view and added some authors. But when I open the object itself, I can’t see any authors. Even if I try to open the object and add some authors in that view - I can’t see author names. Just in the set view/table. In the graph view I see the connection but can’t see any authors if I actually open the book object.


Hello, and welcome to the forum!

This might be a bug, or you might be using two different Author relations somehow.
Do you mind opening the relations panel in your book object? The button for that is in the top right corner. Please post a screenshot of that panel.

You can click on the little triangle to see all relations in an object. You might see two different Author relations there.

It seems there are no author relations. But there should be, right? (Created object in the set view of books and added authors in the column)

And here a video. It seems if I do something in the object the previous entered stuff from set view is overwritten. Is this normal? Is this a bug? I don’t understand. Hope somebody can explain. Thanks!!!

There is an author relation in your first image; it’s bellow URL and above starred.
Seems to be a bug, maybe with the default templates.
Could you also go into your library and check relations there by searching for author in the search menu?

Shouldn’t those authors be listed when I open the book object??

Yeah, seems to be a bug. Like I’ve said, probably something to do with default templates. You should create a proper bug report for this issue.
Also, for a workaround, you can create a new author relation and use that one instead of the default one in the mean time.

Thanks for troubleshooting, I’ll move this to the bug report category.

This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.


It seems this problem only exists with the DEFAULT BOOK template. When using a self-created book template, it works as expected.

This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

Can’t reproduce your issue. Can you confirm it is still present in the latest version?

I re-installed Anytype and tested it with a fresh account. The bug is still present with:

Anytype Version 0.32.3

Operating System:

Win 11 64-bit


  1. Create new set with object type book
  2. Add Relation Author in set-view
  3. Create new book object (default book template [without picture]) and create a new author object for that book in the author-column
  4. Open the book object. There we can’t see any author relation.


We can also go to library and go to Relations > Author. In that list view we can see the relation “Book object - Author” , but when we actually open the book object, we won’t see the author.

We found the rootcause. It is a huge bug, we will fix it


This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be implemented in an upcoming release.