Proper settings to identify field so it brings up previous authors if they exist?

In my Tana set up I can have the field look for an “instance” of the name if it already exist (like author) or I can just type a new author into the same field. How to I recreate this in anytype? Thank you

Hi @edferrigan, in Anytype, the idea is that everything is an Object. This means, that every author you “store” in your Anytype space will get its own Object. You can search for the existing Objects via Search (CTRL+S), by creating a Set of either the relevant Object Type or a relevant Relation, or by creating a link to an (new or already existing) Object. When creating such a link (either via @ mention or via /link) you can type the name of your (new or already existing) Object, and it will show a modal with existing Objects that you might want to link, and a suggestion to create a new one if no relevant hits are found:

You can also add a Relation that only allows Objects to be linked of a specific type:

As I’m not familiar with the behavior you refer to in Tana, I can’t say for sure that this is matching what you need. It feels like Tana can do something that Anytype cannot (yet) do, so please add some print screens or a video recording of the feature in Tana that you are looking for in Anytype.

Can I link to a template to fill in or only to the place where I have to select a template?

You can create templates for an Object Type. You can select the Object Template when creating a new Object:


or when creating a new Object from the home screen:

There is no way to create a link to a template as far as I know

Here is what IM talking about as a real example. Thanks for all your help getting me started Screen Recording 2023-03-03...

I think the friction is you’re attempting to trigger a “New Object” workflow using links to existing objects (types & templates.)

When you press the ‘+’ from your Anytype dashboard (as in your video) you’re triggering the new object workflow explicitly and then defining the type of object (in this case, an Atomic Note.) Ultimately you need another way to kick off this “new object” flow from within your custom dashboard.

One solution might be to create a Toggle named the same as your work flow (atomic note) and inside of that toggle, create an inline set of type “Atomic Notes”. Adjust the set display view to whichever looks best, maybe a gallery view? From this widget, you’ll now have the “New” button to create a new object of that type. You can also setup a sort order so that your most recent atomic notes will show in this view.

Let me know if this isn’t clear and I can record a quick video.

Another solution might be to create a link to the type, and once you open the type up, you press the “New” button in the top right corner of the type modal to create a new object of that type.

There might be some more options that others can chime in with (I’m new too.)


Im so new to this I can’t picture what a toggle is or what you mean. So if you have the time a video would be really helpful. Thanks for that and I’ll pay it forward as I develop my skills. Thanks

Here’s a really quick video (no audio) in a test workspace using toggles


Jeff this is great. It is causing me to think differently. Seems there is many layers to understanding this than I can see at the moment. I really like my Tana setup and trying to duplicate it here. It may be slowing me down not sure. Thanks again.

Now that I’ve spent more time in this tool, I now can see how to connect an object so it shows up in a list. What I would now suggest would be to have the ability to add a NEW record on the fly as needed in the object popup. Maybe I can not sure. Will eventually cross that path soon.

I didn’t even think about using toggles with internal sets. Thanks for the idea.