Promote Anytype in China


I’ve tried Anytype for weeks and I highly recommend it to people around me. But unfortunately, they have never heard of Anytype because Youtube and Twitter are forbidden in China. So I hope you can sign up an account in Chinese platform to promote this fantastic app. And I can offer some help to build a community or do some translation.


I recommend you to register an account on Weibo ( to post some news. (You can think of it as the Chinese version of Twitter). Futher more, you can also share your articles on Zhihu(,which is a platform for knowledge-sharing.Last but not least, I highly recommend you to sign up a Bilibili( account, it’s Chinese version of Youtube and you can reupload your videos with CN-subtitles.


I can offer some help to translate and reupload your posts. Also, I can cooperate with you to manage the account and build the Anytype community in China


I think this would be great!
I love the people of China!
AnyType would be a good way to protect your data if you are living in China.

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@Charlotte this sounds interesting for you! :slight_smile:

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Especially in 2020, I have seen some videos and articles promoting anytype. However, compared to many note-taking tools in China and abroad, anytype still cannot be easily and conveniently used. A large number of applications similar to Notion have risen rapidly like bamboo shoots after a rain and occupied many users. Local note users use more obsidian, source notes, logseq, etc. As a potential consumer market, it is worth your attention here.


Related, a competitor app being developed in China in the inverse situation (quite advanced, but very unknown outside of China):

To be honest, I have tried siyuan for around a year (i subscribed the yearly premium as well), but gave it up at last.
Different from other note-taking apps (such as Obsidian and Notion), siyuan only supports “(())”,instead of “[[]]”, which is not easy for “Migration of notes” (maybe it has addressed this problem right now, but I don’t want to waste my time to try a “new” app)
And what annoys me most is that siyuan has created a brand new file format—'.sy '. So everytime I create a new file, it must be with end of .sy . As a result, I couldn’t easily read my notes on another device. Sadly, MOST of my notes are the format of markdown , and frequent imports and exports are my least favorite. So I excluded the scope of long-term use of this software.

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Thanks everyone for the input here, we definitely appreciate that a huge number of our current alpha testers come from China, even with our very limited marketing and exposure on Chinese web sites/search engines. Happy to have your support in helping with translations & other ideas - @CalvinG we’ll have a talk next week and see what we can manage :slight_smile: :heart: