Profile 'Human Type' Object is not showing in graph view 0.32.3


I have a default ‘Human Type’ object for myself that was created with sign up. I am able to assign tasks to the object but not seeing it in graph view. All my assigned tasks are floating aimlessly and not connected to my personal human object.


  1. Create new task
  2. Assign my personal ‘Human Type’ object to the task
  3. Go to graph view.
  4. No Human object visible on graph view to connect all the tasks :sob:

Anytype Personal Human Object not showing on graph view|690x429


We should be able to use our default profile object as an object on graph view to assign tasks and notes etc. to.


Lenovo Yoga 7i 2022
i7 12700H
32GB ram
Win 11 (latest update)
Anytype Version:


I have to create a duplicate human object for myself currently to accomplish this linking and visibility as a work around. I think this was fixed on version 0.32.0 but then it reverted with updates to 0.32.3. Hope to see this fixed again!

Thanks team!

As far as i know, this is by design.

To quote @Angelo: “Profile is supposed to be hidden (filtered from graph view)”

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Just make a Human object and give it your name.

With this solution I still have duplicate assignable humans with the same name now. If this is the suggested route, can you please remove the ability to assign tasks to my Profile ‘human type’? Let me at least kill off that duplicate object so there isn’t two of me in the platform.



At the moment this is not a bug since it’s intended behavior, I can turn your topic into a feature request if you want or you can make one yourself (about being able to show/hide the user object). Let me know about this.

Having more control over what is shown and what isn’t, especially in the graph, is needed.
I think the increasing number of feature request about this kind of issue is signalling that, we’ll make sure to forward this to the team!


Can we turn this into an FR, @Powerline? Option to display Profile in Graph View. This is exactly what I’d like to request, and your post already has 2 votes. :grin:

I’d like to Relate myself without creating a duplicate.

I’ve actually seen this resolve itself with an update on my end. I am now able to see my profile as a human object on the graph and I can assign tasks to myself now.

Are you not able to do that on your build?

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No. So it’s a bug then? I thought it’s as @kerbless said, an intended behavior, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen my profile in Graph.

Idk guys, I can see my profile in the graph in 0.33.3 :man_shrugging:

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I just updated to 0.33.3 from 0.32.3 and this issue was also fixed for me. :+1:t2: