“For Alpha testers, backup storage will be offered for free as a gift”

Can we get more clarity on the above statement. There has been some concern from some members of the community regarding the pricing later on.

What exactly is the plan for alpha testers, are they getting a fixed sized on the backup node i.e 1gb of free data storage or getting a discounted subscription mode. Or what exactly is the plan.

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This has been awnsered by anytype in another topic: Paranoid new user who doesn't like autosync :( - #5 by Flip on 16 september 2022.

Where a user asked the question if it is true that alpha users will get the autosync feature for free for lifetime as a gift?


I will also like to add that a pricing model like concepts app may attract more users. They have a subscription plan. But they also provide one time purchase bundles of essentials and professional tools. This type of purchase is available on a;; the same kind of device. E.G if I buy these bundles on an ipad I would be able to use these on every ipad that I log into with the same email.

Or we can make the pricing model like an pdf reader app caller liquidtext. This app also has a life time purchase offer where you can use it fully and get free maintanence for life . But, it gives you the choice to buy a new extra upgrade if you want to. These upgrades or niche features they release periodically. Also we buy this upgrade once as well.

Ultimately up to the team though.



First of all, I want to pay for Anytype, because only a sustainable pricing model can guarantee a future for a project.

Due to upkeep, maintenance, development etc it is necessary to have reoccurring revenue.

Let’s say 60€ - 100€ a year for premium services like node storage, sync and a web client?