Preview audio files

Today i can only download a mp3 file from anytype and not directly hearing.

It would be nice to have a player/control where i can directly play a mp3-file or the option for download.


Currently, clicking on an audio file will open the Browser to listen to it.

I expected the audio file to play directly in the app.

On an additional note, I think that playing multiple audio files should not be allowed e.g. playing one audio file stops the playback of the other that is currently playing.

Another cool feature would be to be able to chain audio files to create playlists.

Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:


Anytype relies on existing, “native” applications to handle file types it does not have built-in support for. It can and should only support a limited number of file types natively. A very simple built-in audio player would be nice, I agree, but I think development resources should not be spent on things like playlists, etc. They are outside the core purpose of Anytype. A perfect opportunity for a plugin though!

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@Oshyan I do agree that it could be made into a plugin but I don’t get how Anytype does not have the functionality of playing audio files. As far as I know, Chromium has an audio player and every Electron app has Chromium in them with all the GUI elements stripped, so I thought Anytype already had an audio player by default.


@BGray Good point, I forgot that it should be easily enabled for common file types through Chromium/existing functions. Might just be a matter of how they currently handle file insertion/attachment, maybe with some custom function rather than e.g. HTML media attributes.

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We will add this feature with ability to index all audio files and play them in one place with Audio object type


@Vova that’s great! and what about video files?

@Kite You can already play video files. Only youtube embedded links don’t play. Once you upload videos from your device to anytype desktop you can play it there. And same thing will be streamed to anytype android.

@Kite Video files will be available as objects with more functionality in the next release! But @Tanzeel098 right, you already have the option to play the video if your device can read the format you uploaded


@Vova @Tanzeel098 Excellent, didn’t know that!! Thank you both!