Prevent / Warn users when user creates a new relation / page with the same name and type of an existing one

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Users can create relations and pages of the same type as many times as they want. This will then result in a problem when the user tries to link a page or add a relation to an existing page when a page / relation of same type and name gets listed in the popup several times

Describe the solution you’d like
Warning the user when they try to create a new relation or page with the same name and type as that of an existing page with a proceed anyway button so user can still be able to create it if they want. But I feel most would not so it might also be a good idea to prevent the creation of such pages and relation but this can be left as a debate as to which should be the way to go

Additional context
One is created by myself and another is the built-in one but I have no way to know which is what from the pop-up


Why not show the existing one instead of creating new one?

I’m not sure why I created the Website relation in the first place. I probably created it without realizing that there is already one with the same type with the same name which is exactly the reason why it would be a good idea to warn the users just in case.

If it is already created then show and Auto completion of relation would be good too.