possibility to set reminders to any object

I find it very useful to remind me to reread some notes or to start working on some task.


I agree, also Alarms (basically reminders with longer sounds that can play even while the phone’s in silent) can be added.


I think this request is linked to

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I wrote down my hope for a flexible reminder system and the importance of how easy to miss notifications can be here. I don’t want to spam, so I’m not reposting it here, but I’m not 100% sure how the feature requests are handled by the developers, so I want to make sure, that my two cents are connected to this feature request as well.

I didn’t know I needed this but then I started using Notion a couple of weeks ago where I could add reminders to my notes and now I can’t live without it anymore.

@AxGD: I hope your mention of the other feature request (“Larger proposal…”) was not meant to close this one. The other one also focuses on how notifications should be handled in general and this one here focuses on a functionality that is using notifications. I wasn’t sure if I’m necro’ing a closed thread here but now I simply went ahead and tried. Let me know if I did something wrong :slight_smile:

I completely agree with you. I think that’s a great idea that could help improve many people’s workflows.
Great Input!