Pop-up window asking me to take a survey REPEATEDLY AFTER I already finished the survey

I just finished the typeform survey several minutes ago, and even after I successfully submit the survey, the window continued to pop up asking me to do the same survey every few minutes, which really interrupted my workflow and was quite annoying.

Device: Elaines-MacBook-Pro.local
OS version: darwin arm64 13.4.0
App version: 0.35.0
Build number: build on 2023-09-11 10:18:52 +0000 UTC from at #34462c90ec541475a6f4a24bfe3084e4a9a423dd(v0.28.2)
Library version: v0.28.2
Account ID: A7MDk8vk2JuUWLV5X6aNVa5XSCSWJtYrZp1dwhdRnvFxedst
Analytics ID: undefined
Device ID: undefined

I had the same issue after I’ve updated to the 0.35.0 version. However, I’m not experiencing it for an hour now. Previously it was every few minutes as you have described.

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No more frequently popping up on v.0.35.1 for me.

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