Poll: How do we feel about popup tooltips/onboarding guides?

Alright folks, we know there’s a steep learning curve to get comfortable with our product. We’re working on ways to address this, from tutorial videos to UI updates and finally, perhaps, the most controversial: popup tooltips.

We want to know: From the OG Clippy to Figma-style animated gifs - what are our views on popup tooltips (or onboarding wizards?) as a way to aid discovery and adoption?

  • :heartpulse: Love 'em, way easier than reading docs
  • :woman_shrugging:t2: Meh, kind of okay but I usually find myself closing out of them
  • :no_entry: Really not a fan; I prefer to explore/learn myself

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Does it depend on the type of product? What kind of popup content is useful? We want to hear!