Please show the version number of each release in the app's menu's history

Whoever is responsible for the history in the app’s main menu:
Please show there the version number for each release!

It is impossible to keep track of which bugs have been fixed in which version, or which new features have been added in a specific version.

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While I COMPLETELY agree you can (for now) look at the release notes on the forum which do contain the release version numbers.

What exactly is this referring to?

I mean this:
Menu / Help / What’s new

When you click it, you see the description of the latest version’s new features.
On it’s bottom there is a button “Older releases”. By clicking it you can see the (general so called) “history” (notes about older versions).

  • Oh, I just did it again and now there are the version numbers!?!
    Was it fixed in newest release v0.37.15-beta?
    I’ve never seen it before (or did I just completely overlook it?)
    I’m a bit confused now …
    Actually there is everything OK!

Only patch 0.37.2 is mentioned by version number atm.
I personally always use the release notes on the forum for versions, so I guess I never realized. We should probably add version numbers somewhere. I’ll forward this to the team.

On a second look, it’s just the latest one that doesn’t have a release number atm.

No, I now have the version numbers also for the older releases.
Here an example:

This is exactly how it should be.
But yes, there was patches without a version number.

I think those were always there, but hopefully @Charlotte can confirm.

It was just the last release that missed the version number, thanks for flagging. It will be added shortly.

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