Please publish more introductiory articles

Hi Anytype Team,

I am quite new to Anytype, and after playing around a bit, I must say I am quite lost.

Getting up to speed with the “everything is an object” concept is a bit challenging. I am saying this as a user of and where I was able to grasp the concepts and get productive in no time.

With Anytype, I am struggling. Whatever I try, the results are different from what I expect. (Attached is a screenshot of my Recent view with lots of unwanted draft objects and type object and whatnot that I created via single click without ever having wanted to create them.)

But I guess it would only take a few detailed introductory articles, how-tos, and example workspaces to play with, to make it easy to newcomers to wrap their brains around the concept.

A few questions that these articles could answer:

  • How to set up a basic workspace with articles, tasks, and a contact list (as an example workspace)?
  • How to set up navigation so that I can find my data outside the Recent view?
  • Why does every single click instantly create an object (a draft, a type,…)? (See screenshot)
  • How to create a set for a given type? (No, creating a Set object directly does not work.)
  • Are relations like foreign fields of a database table? (Answer: no, because the relation concept includes both the connection between objects and simple lookup functionality)
  • What happens when changing an object’s type? (Example: I change a Daily Reflection into a Movie, which is nonsense but works, but nothing changes visibly - the content is still the structure of a Daily Reflection.)
  • And so on.

I guess clarifying basic concepts in detail and addressing concerns like the above would help getting people up to speed and reduce the number of questions in the forum and the Telegram channels.

What do you think?

Image: tons of drafts, unintended objects, and wrongly created objects in the Recent view.


Thank you for writing this! I just started playing around with Anytype, and I’m super confused too. I have all the same concerns and questions as you.

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@at-tester thanks for sharing your concerns about the app and its complexity

Lack of in-app onboarding we are trying now to compensate with the presentation, but I totally agree with you — it’s tough to set up a workspace from zero. We will work more to show how the app works with use-cases, tutorials, videos, and articles.

So please, drop here everything that you think should be covered, difficult to understand, and so on. All of these will be covered in the next few months.

  • Creating Sets
  • Tags and Objects creation
  • Passphrase importance and Location
  • Finding Anytype ID on different devices
  • Community channels and their Links (Forums, Telegram Groups, Discord)
  • Sync status and inter-device sync, also how it works
  • How Sets, Objects and Types are similar to Databases
  • Import and Export functionality also the limitations.
  • The Financial model of anytype.
  • Upcoming Features
  • Open Source contribution and when.
  • Anytype Testing plans, i.e. timeline to move from alpha to beta and public release.
  • How to use the differnt relations, for example the ‘object Type’, you can build crazy things with that.
  • Advanced ‘Relation & Set’ Stuff like building n:n relations.


Yeah, the object type relations should definitely recieve some attention.

I think the best way to grasp these concepts would be to show actual use cases and hdow they were build from scratch.

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Fibery has some great tutorials and examples that might be inspiring


There are multiple ways do add a relation to a object/objects.

For example adding a relation over a Set, now all the objects in the Set have the relation.

I think for many users is this not clear.