Please help me understand anytype storage. and how to

I apologize if this topic has been discussed already.
I just moved to anytype from notion, instead of all this files migration complications i just started designing my new pages and notes etc-(basically invested lots of time into it).
i decided to make the move for a few reasons one of which files are stored locally, now i am not much of an expert on backends but i see synced on top, sync to where i wondered! then i read about P2P backup, does this mean my data is backed and synced on other u known users hdd :open_mouth: ? i do not want that option, i’d like to store locally and ,maybe explore personal icloud storage to enable sync across devices if that is possible by specifying app stored data folder?
2: today i noticed that i actually downloaded anytype and running it from my desktop, i moved it to the Applications folder then i tried to update (mac) but the updating stalls, i quit, then start and then a new update available option is still there, did i mess something up by moving the app location? do i need to run any commands? (i moved the app to applications folder after a message showed up saying something about anytype being on a read only volume or something like that-so i gave anytype full disk access) but the update problem continues. i am trying to love this app, but seems it may have been hasty decision to move to it…would you call it buggy? of iffy? or safe?

Have you read the Docs about these issues? These are the two relevant pages (Data Storage & Deletion, and Backup and self-hosting).

Feel free to respond if there is still something that you are not understanding.

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i will read, thank you.

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Hi there @Newbie,

Your files stay exclusively and securely on your devices; they aren’t accessible by others. P2P, or Peer-to-Peer, (∴IPFS) is the method that facilitates the change of file between your devices and our encrypted backup node. In this setup, your devices are the only ones involved in the sharing process – they’re the ‘peers’, and everything is E2E encrypted. This is different from the P2P used in torrenting, where files are hosted by various users.

Some self-hosting options are already available, but they’re rather complicated if you don’t have experience setting up privately hosted networks. We are simplifying this process and it should be available within the next few releases :crossed_fingers:

Nope, you don’t need to run any commands. Anytype is placed automatically in the proper folder destinations upon install, and it’s not possible to customize this at the moment. Like with any software, you might come across occasional bugs, but rest assured, it’s 100% safe to use.

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thank you

i am learning more and more and managed to do everything i can do in notion but in anytype. it is little confusing but satisfying when i get what i need done in anytype, noticed there isn’t a calendar view! thats very strange! i am now relying on Diary to log habits/spending/earnings and other things via relationships then creating views with filters to view data based on dates…it works well

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