Please Give Option To Have Links to Objects Underlined


When you right-click on an Anytype page and create an object directly, the link to the object is not underlined. I think that makes it is not visually clear then that it is a link. The text is only slightly boldened on Desktop. On Android, it’s even less distinct, being simply a slightly smaller size than body text.


In Notion, all links are underlined, which makes it very clear what the functionality is. I would like this option for Anytype. I know some people prefer no underlines, as seen in other threads like Support to hide the underline of the linked object . But having it as an option in a settings menu would allow each person to make their own choice.


Visually distinct links help people in general find and click links faster, helping your workflow. I believe it would be more helpful for people with visual disability to make the links stand out more.
Please consider the standards enacted for HTML links (WebAIM: Links and Hypertext - Link Text and Appearance), that specify:

  • 3:1 contrast ratio between body and link text
  • inclusion of underlines for links


One workaround is to turn the link into a Heading. This makes the underline appear. But this would be time consuming to do across dozens or hundreds of links.
I also just noticed that when I turn a link into a Heading, and then back into ‘text’, the underline is still there. Does this mean that the underline being initially missing for links is actually a bug?

I would love better visualized links, both internal links as external. Be it with a different font, color, underline or other way. If you have on icon and an inline link using the @-symbol you can hardly tell that it is a link!

It would be awesome if wou get more customize options in the settings. For example for links, where you can choose underline or not, choose what color links are where you can difference between internal and external links.