Please focus more on user experience, even though I konw team are busy on new feature

I totally understand team members are busy on deliver new amazing features for us, which I appreciate so much.

But I’d like to bring a little attention back to basic user experience. Just a reminder this is my personal feeling, some of them I will make a feature request later, some of them I’d like treate them just as my obsession.

Forgive me, I’m a game designer who is obsessive of these subtle things soooooooooo much. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You are welcome to add your use feeling~

Now, let’s begin.

Mulple tabs of courese, even now we can open another window, but it takes a while to open a new window, which costs at least 2 sec.
also, it would be great to open a stand alone page.Sometimes we do need to open two or three pages simultaneously

Have “And” and “Or” logic for the filter of set and collection.
One AT user said set looks like Mysql, I think it would be interesting to filter by command.
I believe there is no need to belabor benefits. everybody wants it.

3. In set and collection, I can drag items but only work in kanban view, that’s not very cool. some time I add some task, And I’d like to link them to another view. Or any other way to allow user to move objects from one view to another.
check this one!

it also work with right click, but it would be more intuitive jsut drag it to another page to add it? beside we can choose multiple object and right click to add them to another object, which is the next point I want tosay.

When user right click a obejct in set or collection to call a menu, most of funcitons should work both single selection and multiple selections.
image image

Ability too check multiple tasks? I’m not sure if this is necessary, but I believe I can to this in many other softwares.

6. when you right click the create button at the bottom of the AT, it like as this.

when you active search slot, it become this shape.
Why are there two forms of creating panels, but they serve the same function?
I personnally prefer the later one.

This one is a trivial matter. :thinking:
When we try to insert a line between blocks, we need to move mouse in this small distance to make sure the new block insert at the correct location,which really exhaust our hand.
notion did a good job I think? click alway add a block bellow, Alt+Click to add a block above.

To be honest, I don’k know if neseccary to write the name of color? would it be better to put in grid pattern?
And can we assign a shortcut key for every color, when we open this submenu, we can press a key to choose a color quickly.

This should be a controversial one,
In blender(a 3d model tool), you can press a key to call a menu and choose a option. This is quite normal, but the second time you you press that key to call the menu, the menu position will shift a little bit to let the last choosed option just right under your mouse, so you can click immediately without thinking.

When I move print corsur with up arrow key, cursor alway move to the begining of the line before moving to the upper block.
Same as down arrow key.

How can you let this button to take so much precious space?
Can we have space name and favorites fixed and put toggle button together?
My brain is going to explode when I see this. :crazy_face:

Let me have a video let me explain the point.
I hide side bar normally, and when I call it to select a set and try to select one of the obejct, intuitively I move my mouse out to let the side bar go, when I can continue. but I have to stop my mouse for a while! then I can see the name of objects. :rage: :rage: :rage:

When i have a page opened(not full window) ,I can call the sidebar by hover mouse on the left of the window.

when I wan to change the 'Grounp by" of kanban view, must I firstly open another window to add a relation, then I can choose the relation I’d to ground by?


Points 1 and 2:
Yes, we all wish Tabs and better filtering in Sets and Collections.

Point 6:
Yes, I also prefer what your second pic shows.
It should be the standard behavior for left clicking the “+” button in the navigation bar.

Point 7:
This has improved greatly in the v0.37.17-beta!
So this point is no longer an issue.

Point 8):
I think it is useful that there are written the colors names.
But it would be better to see direct in a text example what it would look like in the editor.
More than that: I wish we could define all the colors ourselves!

Point 9:
Sounds smart, although I just don’t know an example where it would become handy in Anytype?

Point 10:
This is controversial.
In my own first days I also didn’t like this behavior.
but after I got used to it, I like it better and prefer it now even a bit, compared to the standard behavior in a editor, or an office program.
Let’s say it would be good if user could configure it and choose his preferred app behavior by a switch in the settings.

Point 11:
??? Where do you see this symbol?

Point 12:
Hu? I’ve never experienced that!
For me does the siede bar appear and disappear without a lag.

point 11,that is the button to toggle widget side bar :rofl:

About point 10. What’s important is the consistency with other text editor. I usually suffer when two app have different function fot one operation

Yeah, but why is it so far to the right in your pic???
Here is how it looks in my space:

Symbol position

Edit, ah, now I understand: you have fixed the position. Doing so, the symbol switches to the right position.


Yes, I get your point.
That’s why I wrote that the best solution would be to implement a switch in the settings, so that every user can choose his personal preference.

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Not agree.
The first version is a quick menu with your favorites option.
I like it because it’s lightweight with just the right options I need.

The second version is an advanced menu, offering all objects (and there can be many) and allowing you to define your favorite objects to be displayed in the other menu.

Clearly, I use it to define my favorites and perhaps in certain cases. And in 90% of cases, the simple version will meet my needs.

What i understand is that right click is already a advanced menu. But you are right the later one is not light weight