Please Allow Editing the Page Object's Background Color

Currently, the background color for a page is a whitish color, which can be harsh for those who are light sensitive.

I use a setting called Force Dark mode on my android device which changes the background color and I found it quite nice. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:

Keeping in mind that an app-wide dark mode could be more difficult to implement currently, I’d like to request the ability to set the background color of a page object on both the desktop and android apps. This is likely to be a much desired user feature down the line, and if implemented earlier would help those with sensitive eyesight.


I believe they have listed dark mode as one of their priorities heading into the next update. But I also agree a page color setting would be interesting because maybe someone will want one of their pages pink. Not sure how a color palette for individual pages could work with app-wide theme settings.