Playable Audio Files Bug

Describe the bug
When I drag audio files on windows into Anytype, the files are automatically saved as playable audio files which is great. (When I use copy-paste there are put in as files) But when I wanna play my audio files on android there are not playable… instead, there are just showing up as files. I hope this can be fixed. It would cost a lot of time uploading every single file as playable audio.

To Reproduce

  1. Drag audio files with your mouse direct into Anytype. (You should be able to play them now within Anytype)
  2. Check your audio files now on Anytype Android. (Are you able to play your files here too?)

Expected behavior
Audios files which are playable on Anytype on Windows should also be playable on Antype on Android.

System Information:
Android 11 Anytype Version 0.5.2
Windows 11 on 0.23.5

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I also can’t choose to upload playable audios anymore on Android Version 0.5.2.

This bug was created mistakenly I apologies. It seems there was never a playable audio option on android. If someone from the android developer team read this, please let us play our audios on android too. I recognized here that the audio block on IOS is already released so I hope an extra feature request is unnecessary.