PKM workflow - Reading notes in Anytype

I’ve been using anytype for almost 2 months now, I find it to be a great tool for personal PKM, especially storing long-term notes from books and articles. I want to share my setup and hope this could be helpful :sparkling_heart:

This is my book notes page:

This is my template for the book object:

An example - One of the books I just finished reading:

So once I finished reading a book, I export all my highlights to Anytype, then read through them in Anytype again, adding any additional info I researched along the way as “notes” linked to the places it was mentioned in my notes.

Then I will revisit my notes after a week or so, find what really resonates/important to me, and begin to summarize them with my all words. These then become my “flashcards”. ( I created a new object called “flashcard” in anytype for this)

Here is an overview of my flashcards:

A flashcard example:

Also have a set for short articles (I also created a new object called “article” in anytype for this):


Very nice! Wondering how the flashcards look on mobile? Do you have to make it “mobile-friendly” layout?

Hi @ELAINEQQQ :wave:t3:

This sounds very interesting to me. :star_struck:

I am toying with the idea of doing the same. So I’m curious and have a few questions.
Do you use Apple Books or Kindle? How do you do it? Does the import go smoothly or do you still have to adjust the format afterwards?

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Hi Curi,

I don’t need to make it mobile-friendly on purpose, i just put in the content and it already looks pretty good on mobile.

I took some screenshots for your reference. I think making a widget for all the flashcards makes it very convenient to access them on mobile.

Hi AnyChris,

I have used Apple Books before but found the export highlights/notes pretty inconvenient. For Kindle, I think there’s an export option.

I currently reside in China, so I use Weread, a reading app developed by the WeChat team. You can either import your pdf, epub files into the app, or you can select books from its own store.

So my current workflow is as follows:

Do a split screen of anytype and Weread. Export all highlights of a book by clicking on the “copying all notes” button at the bottom.

Then when I paste those into anytype, it will look sth like this:

Unfortunately, if I highlight an image, it will not be shown in the pasted content. But it doesn’t bother me, as I need to go through my notes and organize them initially anyway.

So I use the split screen layout, click onto each note to navigate to its place in the book.

Then I will scan this part of the book very briefly, see if I need to put an image or additional info into my antype page. Like in this example, the author referred to the “invention” of the word “debug” which I found interesting so I included the image and a link to Grace Murray Hopper (a human object in my anytype), the “inventor” of the word “debug” here.

Hope you find this helpful!


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Great tip for using a widget! I’ve been using mostly the desktop version, so now I feel better about using Anytype on mobile.

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