Pipe Dream: Vocal programming

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Not sure if it is a problem, but some functions are cumbersome like creating new types and templates.

Describe the solution you’d like

My pipe dream solution is to simply say “Alexa, ask Anytype to duplicate the type Article” to make a new type and base it off of Article (and including whatever sets and templates I added to Article in the new type as well!). I realize there are several pieces missing before this can be a reality, but the main one I’m waiting on is an API (or some way to interact with Anytype data). I already asked [if the file format can be used by Bash scripts](Future plugin/extension API ideas), but I’m not sure if I ever heard an answer.

Even farther in the future (by then I probably won’t be using Alexa anymore), I’d like to say, “Alexa, ask Anytype to add a new step to the script Home”, and get prompted on what additional thing Anytype should do when I get home. (this assumes Script is a type that can actually get executed, maybe by a plugin).

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

For voice programming, I’m trying to use VoiceFlow make an Alexa skill that creates a [jasonelle app](■ Getting started - Jasonette). But I still have no way to connect anything to AnyType. Is there a way that I’m missing? Can I create files in AnyType’s folder that it will recognize and display?

There is no way to accomplish this currently as the API/SDK and open source are not available yet. But setting aside the technical challenges of actually doing this stuff, the ability to connect with other apps/services/etc. should be something you can work on once those things become available. There is no specific ETA for either API/SDK or open source AFAIK, but both are definitely planned.