Pin code explanation

The explanation for pin code is hard to understand, the grammar is not a 100 % correct. Here is how I would write it:

It is still not perfect but at least in my eyes grammatically correct, the actual explanation could be better as well for non technical users. Maybe someone who knows a bit more about the backend could write that?


@Isak great point!

In a way, I think that the pin code supplements the keychain phrase more than it protects it — we see that in the case where the pin code is implemented after a certain timeout period on the desktop apps. I may be wrong, of course, so it’s up to the team to decide how that phrasing should be like!

I think the prompt should be a little more assertive and direct, removing the need for the personal pronoun ‘we’; I think the following might be better:

I think this is a good point of discussion; while still subtle, I think that these improvements can help in the final product!

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I think it would be better to say “Neither your keychain phrase nor your pin code will be stored”.

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