Phantom Dashboard

When using the builtin Everything set and selecting Empty Name I keep getting an object that is Untitled of the type Dashboard.

If I open this object it appears to have nothing in it except 4 lines saying Syncing. If i try to edit its name so at least it has one and wont reappear the name won’t stick and it still comes back.

I note that the supplied default dashboard is in fact a Page object. So what is this phantom? I notice that ordinarily Dashboard does not exist as a selectable object type.

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Would be splendid if you could add a screen-shot to the body of your post. (Just edit :pencil2: it and upload an image.)

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I’m guessing you didn’t create this object, and it appear after you created a new account?

Impossible to create the Object deliberately as the Dashboard type is not shown in the list. Just found it when exploring.


Curiously enough this object is not showing on my MacOS instance only my Linux Appimage one.

On Linux the Dashboard type is shown in the list of My Types with this one dud entry. On MacOS the type doesn’t show at all, not in My types or AnyType library tabs. Clearly therefore its spuprious, but how can I get rid of it, move to bin is not an option.

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Did you import files from something else?
I did not face the same problem.
But one error I got was having the name of my Personal Space replaced as well as my Dashboard/Home Page after importing files from an account created for testing purposes, despite the Dashboard being of Page Type.
Plus the Human object from this other account appeared and I was unable to delete.

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No, no import. I think the reason I was seeing the dashboard object in one place though was because the Hidden Objects flag was set on one instance but not the other, so I’m wondering if its some hidden object responsible for keeping stuff in sync.

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