Pause and Continue (delay) icon UX Android


When I press on the icon in a page it has a noticable pause and appear rather than smooth.

Solution I would like to see

It appearing smoothly when pressed


Android 11, Realme

Tag #Refinement

Which phone model are you using?

Realme 8 5g.

@Srinath According to the phone model specs, it should not be a hardware limitation. Did you, by chance, tweak any of the android animation settings. Also, could you please share a screen recording of the issue that you are facing?

It is out of box, not messed with anything. Just installed Anytype. I checked if this was related to refresh rate problem. Checked with Auto same problem. Checked it by choosing 90hz and 60hz one by one problem exists.

When touching the icon it takes two steps process. Intital, a delay before it becomes big. Going back, after not selecting the icon, also clunky.

@Srinath OK, after seeing the video it does not appear to lag significantly. What I see is the pop-up options start small, and then go full-size. It is in 2 steps, and indeed it does not look “smooth”. But it doesn’t really look like a “pause” to me so much as a not-smooth animation. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I agree this is something that could be refined.

That’s why I thought refinement could be tag that would let the developers know what is a bug and what need optimisation and tinkering. Smooth means things 3 for me at least. Instead smooth I better used flow nicely.

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@Srinath as the UI for picking an icon has changed significantly, this bug report no longer seems relevant. Do you agree to close the topic?