Pasting into the title bar of an object/page


I can not paste text into the title bar of an object/page. When I Command+V something there, although the cursor is blinking, but nothing happens. I use the clipboard history of Raycast. When I open the clipboard history and select the item I want pasted, and hit enter then the text is being pasted into the title bar.


1- copy some text from another app.
2- create some object or page in Anytype.
3- by default, the title bar is selected; If not Select it.
4- Command+V


To paste!


  • OS:
    Mac OS 13.0
  • Device:
    M1 MacBook Air
  • Anytype Version:


I don’t have this problem in other areas. for example if I want to paste something in the body of the page, or in the field of relation. It only happens with the title bar.

I can confirm this on Windows, but not every time. I haven’t figured out yet what the cause might be or how to reproduce this consistently. When I try to paste and it does not work, usually the whole title (Block) is selected, so that might be related to the issue.

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This issue has been added to our issue tracker and was received by the Development Team.

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yeah you are right. sometimes, all be it rarely I can paste it on the first try but like you I haven’t figured out what has caused this issue.

This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be included in an upcoming release.

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This seems to be fixed in the current release (0.30.0).

Unfortunately, I can report that this issue is back in the 0.30.4-beta update.

Can confirm.
@Angelo would you bring this back to the devs?

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@dzlg Seems to work for me in 0.31.1
What about you?

Yeah. Apparently It’s been fixed.

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