Paid Version of AnyType for Enterprise Companies

Question -

How soon will a paid version or service come out for AnyType?

Please don’t miss understand me - Yes i want AnyType to remain free and opensource for sure.
What i am talking about is for enterprise level Companies who want to use AnyType for there Company.

I was thinking, You would really only be paying for just 2 things.

  • storage
  • Tech support

I work for a Non-Profit Organization and they are looking for knowledge base program. I have the ability to help them in the right direction on making the final decision on what they will use.
So is what we have been looking at because its ready to go now but i really wanted to use AnyType instead. I know that they will not want to go with something that is not finished yet. also having the ability to “pay” for it makes it more professional for them. Also they are ready now to get something so telling them we should wait for AnyType maybe hard to do.

Any idea on the progress of this?

Thank You AnyType Team for you hard work! What you are doing is great!


Here is an example of what I would like to use AnyType for among many other things.