Pages/Sets sync forever (and are kind of gone)

I guess it started after I deleted a bunch of pages forever. Anyways I have some pages or sets that are syncing for days/weeks on both devices. They probably include important information buy since they are just “Syncing” I don’t even know the name of the pages or sets. Some pages/sets are available on windows and just don’t sync on android 0.5.0 but I have definitely some pages/sets that are syncing on both devices. If I delete the object it’s gone forever and doesn’t appear in the bin so the risk is too high to try to delete it by each one to see if it appears in the bin. Of course, there is the possibility that I already deleted these pages/sets already but I don’t think so. After all the message deleted should appear in grey right? I also saw when I delete a page/set on windows that aren’t synced on android yet it doesn’t appear in the bin as the last deleted item. Instead, it is somewhere in the bin and I have to type in the search bar to find it again. It remains curious. I really would like to know which data here isn’t accessible anymore.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Delete all your content in the bin forever (if it is a lot)
  2. Check all your pages and look for syncing objects?

Expected behavior

Pages should sync without problems. Pages/sets that are already deleted should display Non-existent objects instead of syncing forever.

System Information:

  • Android 11 on Galaxy s9+ on 0.5.0 Version
  • Windows 11 on 0.23.0
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Sometimes it take time the app to sync. Try restarting it and wait a bit.
If it still has an irrelevant state, please proceed with this guide: Sync problems, White screen or not responding, high resource consumption - #5 by Vova

Thanks I will try that