Pages can be subpages of themselves #Desktop

Bug description

It’s possible to move a page into itself.

How to reproduce the bug

    1. Create a page (say, page P) in the home page.
    1. Create a subpage (say, subpage S) in page P
    1. Create a link to S in P
    1. Drag and drop S on the link to S.

S has now disappeared from P and is a subpage of itself. The fact that a page can be a subpage of itself allows for different weird behaviours. For example:

  • You can make a page “disappear”: create a page and turn it into a bullet point. It now is a bullet point with an embedded page. You can move the bullet point (and the page itself) inside the page. The page disappears, and it can be found only through search and ‘at’ mentions.
  • In the Home Page, you can move two pages inside each other. They disappear just like above.
  • You can create a parent page and a child page in it, and then move the parent into the child via right-click and the"Move" option.

Expected behavior

No element should ever be a sub-element of itself.


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Device: PC
  • Version: 0.17.7

Note: Apparently I tagged this incorrectly, and it doesn’t look like I can fix that. Maybe a mod can? The tag doesn’t appear next to the post title in the post list.


@Nicola Thank you for the notice! It had been added to the bug tracker

Hey @Nicola,
does this still reproduce?
If so, could you explain to me, what you mean with this:

I don’t know what this step does.

I can reproduce this, see attached video:

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I haven’t been active for a while and I don’t have AnyType installed on my computer right now, but basically what I mean is that if:

  • you make a page
  • go inside the page and create a subpage
  • still inside the page, you create a link to the subpage
  • still inside the page, you drag the subpage onto its link

the subpage will disappear from the original parent page and become a subpage of itself.

What sambower has shared isn’t quite the same, because he did the opposite—he dragged the link to the subpage into the subpage itself, which I don’t think is problematic in any way.

Again, I don’t know if this behaviour still happens because I haven’t used the app in ages.


@Nicola thanks for taking the time to reply! I was able to reproduce the issue, so this has been forwarded to the devs.

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