Page type to Book type conversion

Hi there, I have recently imported my entire Notion setup to Anytype. I have a reading list Collection with a table where I record all the books im reading. However, the books in this Collection are of type Page, how do I convert them from Page to Book and create a template out of it? I am very new to Anytype and it’s taking me a bit of time to figure out how it all works. Thank you!

You can select all of those objects in the Collection, right click, and then select the Change type option.

Not sure what exactly is that supposed to mean. What exactly are you trying to create?

oh… I see. thanks! but the Book type, currently has different properties than the Page type im using for the reading list. properties such as Status, Date Read, Date Started, etc…

and what I meant by “create a template out of it”, is when I click the New button to add a new book in my Reading List Collection, it should present me with these fields to fill out.

You can add all of those relations to your collection view, if you haven’t already.
Also, you can set the default object type for each collection / set view trough the view options.


ohhhh, I didn’t know I could do this. thank you so much! have converted all of them to Book now.

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